JEFF_GARNER_COPYJeff Garner has been playing guitar since 1979 He started at the age of 11. He first wanted to play drums but that was too loud for his parents, so they bought him a Hohner acoustic guitar. Jeff then started taking beginning guitar lessons with Stan Snow who was an accomplished Jazz guitarist. Jeff says “Stan taught me the right way, he taught me to read sheet music, play classical pieces, which gave me a good foundation to work with.”

In his mid-teens Jeff was listening to rock and metal bands like Judas Priest, Rush, Kiss, Yngwie, Dokken and many more. By the time he turned 19 years old Jeff knew, by heart, over 2500 songs, which helped him get into many cover bands. At 21 Jeff started teaching guitar at a couple of music stores. It was very gratifying for Jeff to show students how to easily overcome the common mistakes new guitarists make.

For the past 20 years Jeff Garner has been actively involved in recording studios as a session guitarist, vocalist, keyboards, bassist, producer and engineer.